The 26th Spectrum

Festival on the river

Open air on the Drau terraces and in public place


It´s all yours/Gehört dir/ Pripada tebi!/È tutto tuo!

FREE ADMISSION to all shows.


Dear public,

The Spectrum Festival this year is all about alternatives, parallel dimensions, opposition. Whatever point of view you

approach the festival from, whatever position you take while you’re here or however you allow yourself to be taken in, you are totally “free”.

Whether you’re active in workshops and discussions, or as a member of the audience or actually a cast member – there’s nothing

to keep you from participating this year. A festival of performing arts awaits you as a place to experience things, of encounter, of exchange, design, layout and placement.

Based at the Drau terraces, the whole town will become a stage as we act out our roles every day and renegotiate our lives.

In all these ways the festival is once again

. . . . ALL YOURS!

Katrin Ackerl Konstantin und Erik Jan Rippmann

Artistic Directors, Spectrum



It´s all yours / Gehört dir

Elisa Vladilo

Everything stays in the river, waves and circles.

The Italian artist Elisa Vladilo will this year again be part of her stage set ups: her blue circles once more encircle the festival locations and indicate the new venues.



On Sunday July 1st at 8.15 p.m.

Get in the mood with us for this year’s Spectrum Theatre Festival before the production at 9 p.m. of Rabtaldirndin’s “Dirndl sucht Bauer“ – “Maiden seeks farmer.”



Interviews, open discussions and meetings with the actors, actresses and other people involved after every show at about 10.30 p.m. at the Spectrum Lounge on the boat.



 What does performance mean?

What sense can we make of the term?

How is  it currently being used by artists to represent things?

Every evening half an hour before the start of the show in front of the stage on the Drau terraces.



All shows are offered free!

If it’s rainy there will be excerpts of plays on the 1st, 3rd and 5th July on the Drau boat.

The Nesterval production will happen whatever the weather!

Spectrum-Hotline: +43 664 4644297




Maiden seeks farmer //by Rabtaldirndln – Rab Valley Maidens (A)

Sunday July 1st

Place   Drau stage

Time   about 9 p.m.

In German.


An evening or holiday on a farm, an idyllic setting in the country where real maidens seek real farmers. 


Are you looking for someone too?

30% performance
15% investigation
20% companionship
25% gender
10% media


Fresh air, a beautiful view, a secluded location, footpaths through idyllic woods and meadows. A place where you can set the soul free. Where the girls still go out of the house in a dirndl dress, where it smells of the country and trout jump directly out of the river into the frying pan. These are the romantic images canvassed by the “holiday on a farm” brand.

The Rab valley maidens claim that this idyll can only exist where it’s artificially available. But what do we really know about it. That’s why we’re looking for a farmer. Because a farmer belongs to a farm. No effort is too great. So they turn to the popular style of commercial TV and get down to work.

Director: Ed Hauswirth

Ensemble: Barbara Carli, Rosi Degen, Bea Dermond und Gudrun Maier



Immersion. We disappear //by the Aktionstheater ensemble (A)

 Tuesday July 3rd

Place   Drau stage.

Time   about 9 p.m.

In German.

An evening about a failed theatre company who, after having missed their chance, decide to go on to the big stage following an impending shift to the right, to go for broke with just comedies.


Are you with us?

40% performance
20% investigation
10% companionship
15% music
15% introspection


Michaela is put out about her lack of ability as an actress from a commercial. She should have known better. Andreas is allowed to recite her poems at an event for international finance tycoons. With his career as an acclaimed poet this is nothing. Martin dreams about his breakthrough as an actor. But at a shooting at Mount Everest he’s demoted to an extra. It’s all downhill from here. Back to reality means dedication for all of them to the Aktionstheater company. With an impending shift to the right, they decide to only do comedies. It always used to work before . . . .Taking stock of a distressing situation.


Stage direction        Martin Gruber

Lines                         aktionstheater ensemble, Martin Gruber, Caudia Tondl

Artistic director       Martin Ojster

Music                        Sonja Romei / Kristian Musser

with                           Michaela Bilgeri, Martin Hemmer, Andreas Jähnert, Sonja Romei, Kristian Musser




CROMOSOMA X  // by Sicily made (IT)

Thursday July 5th

Place               Drau stage and in the town

Time               about 9 p.m.

In Italian with German subtitles.


An evening about magical encounters and tough truths.


Can you recognize yourself?

30% dance
20% investigation
30% gender
10% acting
10% music


In Cromosoma X women tell a story, the story of their relationship, of being in love and its destruction. All the characters find themselves in a realm of the dead which is like paradise, in a labyrinth in which past, present and future are the same. They dream about princesses and princes, she-cats and tom-cats, radio voices and awful memories. They dance to Brazilian music and get together in a big song that will change everything . . . . A story of yesterday and today, an old fairy tale that is asking to be fragmented, deconstructed and re-written.


Choreography                       Simona Miraglia

with                       Rossana Bonafede, Lorenzo Covello, Simona Miraglia, Amalia Contarini



SHOCK-HEADED PETER  // by Nesterval (A)

Friday July 6th at 3 p.m. – Saturday July 7th

Place               Drau stage and in the town centre (meeting point Drau stage). Defined locations, telephone reservations possible!

NUMBER:      04242 287164


First part July 6th                 3 – 7 p.m.

Second part July 6th             8 – midnight.

Third part July 7th                11 a.m – 3 p.m.

It’s possible to come to all three parts or just to one. After every part there’s a solution to the mystery.

Between midnight and next morning you can spend the night with the Shock-headed Peter gang and occupy the “Neue Bühne”. Just bring a camping mat and a sleeping bag!


A 24 hour “town centre play” in search of today’s Shock-headed Peters and Petras who have disappeared from the home for particularly difficult children.


Who can find them?

30% performance
20% public space
20% interaction
15% fairy tale
15% hunter’s (killer) instinct


Sinister goings on. Some young people have escaped from the Nesterval Home for Difficult Children and are occupying the houses around the Karlsplatz. Reporters and police officers are trying to inform everyone involved. And Frau Christkind, the manager of the home, is appalled. The children are prone to violence and will only listen to their leader, the particularly nasty Peter. So where is he holed up, what’s he got planned and who can stop him?

Director: Mr. Finnland

Performer: Nesterval Ensemble




On the days in between the performances the Spectrum offers space for personal experiences. Two workshops offer the opportunity to perform yourself, or to experience more about the performances or yourself. Participation is free (limited places).


Place               Drau terraces. Please register: 04242 287164.


Monday July 2nd               … with the Rab Valley Maidens

What inspires the Rab Valley Maidens, where do they get their ideas from and how do they turn them into sketches for their plays? The workshop participants receive assignments with dilemmas that the Maidens were also confronted with in their work on the theatre production. They thereby gain insight into the way the Rab Valley Maidens work. Scupltures are formed from practical materials, one-person sketches from key words and a Rab Valley pop song from a song by Lady Gaga.


Wednesday July 4th        …with Nesterval

Get acquainted with the Nesterval’s plays. What’s immersive theatre? How do you improvise with the public? At this workshop, which is also being offered at the castle theatre, the boundaries between play and reality are broken down and emerge, as the mood takes them, in Hoffmann’s stories. Furthermore, should you want to become a Nesterval actor or actress, you can do so by taking part in a Shock-headed Peter performance!

Workshop leaders  Pamina Pröglhöf and Mr Finnland.



Additional program

„Szenisches Verstehen“ 


At Spectrum we will also offer the opportunity to discuss  a production afterwards. A staged play postscript, an examination, queries, challenges, a deconstruction, making connections, and exchanging ideas in a deeply interpretative way. You can talk about the production and your experience in an exchange with other audience members and the actors.

These open discussions are organized by Regina Klein and Katrin Ackerl Konstantin.

Sunday July 1st, after the Performance of the Rab Valley Maidens at the Spectrum Lounge on the boat.