The 25th Spectrum Theatre Festival

Open air on the Drau terraces and in a public place


FREE ADMISSION to all shows.


Actually, the twenty-fifth Spectrum . . . !

We rejoice, look back, look ahead and now celebrate together with you for the twenty-fifth time and with some of the most popular groups that have captivated us over the years with their shows: a festival of performing arts in a public space.

We’ll be looking back to the beginnings of a great urban Spektrum that we’ve had artistic responsibility for since 2003, at ground-breaking interdisciplinary shows performances from all over the world and unusual show sets – from the hotel bar to the office block standing empty, from organic markets to the warehouse of a department store!

But first and foremost we’re looking forward to exciting groups which means a joyful reunion for many of us and invite you to celebrate with us: from 2 to 5 days . . . and to take part of course:

join in the events, learn all about how the groups work or become a leading actor or actress yourself in this anniversary Spectrum, because once again:

it’s all yours!

Here’s THREE CHEERS for performing art,

For joining in

For art in a public place

To getting together and discussing!

Katrin Ackerl Konstantin und Erik Jan Rippmann


Spectrum-Hotline: +43 664 4644297



On July 2nd at 6.30 p.m. some performing artists in the festival will reveal some secrets, “burst” into the opening with the festival old-timers and the festival sponsors and allow others to “climb on board.” Come and celebrate with us!



What does performance mean?

What sense can we make of the term?

How’s             it currently being used by artists to represent things?

Every evening half an hour before the start of the show in front of the stage on the Drau terraces.



„Gehört dir/it´s all yours“ // Elisa Vladilo

We’re expanding our circles. The Italian actress Elisa Vladilo will once again this year expand the stage with her set ups. The brightly coloured circles around the festival site on the Drau and in other places in the town as well refer to the Spectrum.




Informal discussions and meetings with the actors and actresses and other people involved after every show at about 10.30 p.m. at the Spectrum Lounge on the Drau boat.






A thorough search of the town

In a mixture of performance and classical acting Nesterval create an urban adventure

The company presents the story of the Nesterval family and invites the audience to become cast members team players who decide the storyline. The boundaries between reality and fiction and between identities and gender roles become blurred, while the story keeps on developing. The participants are free to decide which of the 12 acting teams they want to go in. Then they have to set about being the first to solve the conundrum, alone or in groups.

More information on:

July 2nd, 7.30 p.m.

Numbered tickets 6.30

In German.



“NOT A PLAY ABOUT SYRIA” by the Aktionstheater ensemble (A)

Nestroy Theatre Prize 2016!



We help.

Ultimately we’re good, high-minded and happy to help and want to be at the biggest event of the year. And a wave of solidarity goes through the ensemble: Michaela takes refugees home with her every day, Susanne tells fairy tales – and they’re certainly pretty, these young doctors, architects and scientists from Syria, who don’t have any problems at all with older European women either.

Having said that, the whole thing has been going on too long now and it’s gradually getting boring – every day the same pictures of refugees, the same arguments about fences. Ultimately we’ve got a life in the here and now. And we’ve also got a play to work on that’s having its premiere. It should be touching, dramatic, authentic, exciting, informative and funny. Therefore: no play about Syria.

More information on:

July 4th, 9 p.m.

In German.




A co-production with Artisti Associati

Italian theatre

 A paradigmatic story that tells of loneliness, anger and resistance.

Developed in the context of the projext “Gli Imperfetti” (“the imperfect ones”) about dyslexia and other learning difficulties, this work is based on interviews and discussions with people concerned. Using improvisation and types of writing used in different human cultures, a play has been developed that tells a story about this subject in different periods of history.

More information:

July 6th, 9 p.m.

In Italian with German subtitles.



„BLUFF“ // cieLaroque/Helene Weinzierl (A)

A co-production with ARGEkultur

Interactive dance theatre

BLUFF is an intelligent and incisive piece of performance art. With a lot of attention to detail Helene Weinzierl has staged with her company a unique experience which actually presents the question “How real is reality?”

Our world is okay, a world in which there are hard and fast truths, that everyone knows and can talk about. Or not exactly? Well, perhaps it starts to give us the creeps to think it could be any different, that just the scary feeling of living in a completely deceptive film could be the truth. And that at any time a question, an experience, could set off a bang that exposes and unmasks the confidence trick that the world is one gigantic play, an elaborate production that communicates a comforting illusion. It presents the question: have we maybe been living for a long time without noticing – in a great fabrication?

More information:

July 8th, 9 p.m.

No language knowledge necessary.



„Tanzkaraoke“ (A)

Tanzkaraoke translates the idea of song karaoke into dance

„Tanzkaraoke“ revives the old tradition of dancing together and so borrows a setting from the entertainment industry. The performance follows goes back to the “star cult” generation and caricatures the contemporary phenomenon of casting shows. The guests have the opportunity to find out how it feels to move like somebody else, not only “in their shoes” but also to slip into their skin. They mirror the movements of the people dancing as if they were in a simple dance therapy setting.

More information on:

Idea and concept:   Willi Dorner

Presenter and DJ:    David Kleinl

The video director and musician David Kleinl became known to the general public as the frontman of the alternative hit show “Tanz Baby!”

For the Spectrum Festival, in the context of Willi Dorner’s “Tanzkaraoke” he’ll put himself into the role of the master of ceremonies and DJ Johnny Love.

July 8th, at about 10.30 p.m.

Languages: German and English.




On the days in between the shows Spectrum offers space for personal experiences. 3 workshops offer the chance for people to perform themselves, to learn more about the shows or to experience them themselves.

It’s free to take part (but places are limited). No previous knowledge required. In English and German.

Location:       Drau terraces

Please register on: 04242 / 287 164



SCREAMING – with Christina Lederhaas

A workshop for anyone who had ever wanted to scream, who would still like to scream, who doesn’t have a voice any more to scream louder, who has never screamed. We’ll investigate and have fun with the voice machine, working especially with the floor of the pelvis and resonating cavities in our heads, to gain insight into whether for screaming, listening to the resonating cavities rather than the actual volume is what’s important. The workshop finishes with separate mini screaming choreographies.

Christina Lederhaas

A performer and artistic producer at the Interface Theatre, Dance and Everyday Life. She’s worked with Veza Fernandez Ramos since autumn 2016 on the choreographic and cathartic potential of the act of screaming. She already knows a lot, but not enough yet. More information on

July 3rd, 5 p.m.



Theatre workshop with MARTIN GRUBER

Martin Gruber gives us an insight into the way he works in “Working in the moment”, the process of finding text and the physical connection with the language. In the methodology he has developed of “actions” theatre, the essence is the voice of the narrator which takes root in the bodies of the actors and actresses and every member of the audience: it’s being narrated by the body through language and not the other way round. What happens here is an absolute contrast in speaking and action: the charcters at the actions theatre don’t speak so that they survive (as with Jelinek), they survive so they can speak – as the only connection to the world out there, that demands so much; and nobody listens to each other because everybody functions in a different way. They speak fractiously because they want to speak – and especially about themselves.

July 5th, 5 p.m.



Contemporary dance – Exploring groove and rhythm

The main focus of the class is to stimulate a personal research of what, in music terminology, is called “groove”, often defined as an intuitive sense of a cycle in motion triggered by a concurrent rhythmic pattern. By initially listening to what is primordially and subconsciously rhythm in our body, like the heartbeat or breath, different combinations and tasks will be used as tools to research and build our inner energy flow, starting from the core and bringing it into the dynamic. This allows the body to achieve the feeling of something never stopping, always keeping it alive and ready to evolve.

July 7th, 5 p.m.