The 27th Spectrum

Festival on the river

Open air on the Drau terraces and in public place


It´s all yours/Gehört dir/ Pripada tebi!/È tutto tuo!

FREE ADMISSION to all shows and offers.


Dearest Loyal and Dedicated Audience,


For about 15 years we have been directing the content of this festival, setting it up in different places and trying out new formats. You have stayed with us and accompanied us along the way, and for that we would like to express our sincere thanks.

 2019 is our last year! Why? We believe it is important to further develop ourselves, to change things up, to take on new challenges and thereby give others the opportunity for creative expression in this venue. It is an end but also a beginning, because the festival will remain and will be renewed through the gifts of other talented individuals.

 For this reason, we decided this year on the motto “I have never been able to distinguish the beginning from the end” (as per George Braque). We toyed with this idea and want to give you the chance to mull it over as well – what it means to have a new beginning and an ending all in one. With this in mind, we invite you to sit at the table with us, to discuss where and when the festival appealed to you the most – in the storage unit, in the gallery, in the church, on the square at City Hall, or on Lederergasse and which productions you found most impressive, disturbing, or moving (see the program booklet). Of course we also bring new ideas this year – we are celebrating our farewell with productions, workshops, and get-togethers that are brand-new and contemporarily performative.


In this sense we begin our Festival Spectrum 2019 with Great Expectations and look forward to celebrating the end of our era with you,

Katrin Ackerl Konstantin und Erik Jan Rippmann

Artistic Directors, Spectrum


INSTALLATION// Elisa Vladilo

„I have never been able to distinguish the beginning from the end“

 At the venues along the Drau on the terraces as well as in the Park Cafe Villach there are circles that include

a beginning but also an end. The paths in between show the connections among these circles

throughout the city center.




On Sunday June 30th at 8 p.m.

Get in the mood with us for this year’s Spectrum Theatre Festival with the

8 o’clock start // Get-Together

Before every performance there will be the opportunity to start already at 8 o’clock with presentations by those who have been with the festival. The artist directors will sit side-by-side with the audience to discuss the ins and outs of their time with the festival.



Discourse // Get-Together

Throughout the festival, feel free to join us on the Drau Ship to peruse books on the themes of contemporary theater, performance, acting, and performativity.



8 o’clock start // Get-Together

Before every performance there will be the opportunity to start already at 8 o’clock with presentations by those who have been with the festival. The artist directors will sit side-by-side with the audience to discuss the ins and outs of their time with the festival.


10 o’clock closing time // Get-Together

After the final performance on 6 July, the artist directors will join with the audience in a panel discussion to acknowledge and celebrate their farewell.




 What does performance mean?

What sense can we make of the term?

How is  it currently being used by artists to represent things?

Every evening half an hour before the start of the show in front of the stage on the Drau terraces.






What are expectations if not projections of present desires?

Great Expectations, a festival premiere, is their sixth performance. They do not enter narrations and
dilemmas through individual stories alone, but also through personal ones. After ecology, transitional/growing-up loss of
illusions, the impotency of resistance, generational angst, they are now dealing with the topic of great expectations and



Location: Drau Stage

Date/Time: Sunday 30 June, 21:00

More Information:


Performance in Slovenian, English, and German.





A dance performance about modern love and hopes


Countless relationship models are available today. The individual can enjoy the advantages of being together yet remain free from obligation. Tinder and other outlets offer matches that range from sex for leisure to exclusive, secure relationships. But what does the modern person really want? Romantic love until death do us part? Or just fun without any ties?


Nominated for the 2016 Cologne Theater Prize

Nominated for the 2017 Heidelberg Theater Prize

Art Salon Theater Prize

Theater Days Prize Petra Meuber


Location: Drau Stage

Date/Time: Tuesday 2 July, 21 Uhr

More Information:


Performance in German.





A family story about the fate of three Jewish women


Sara Ostertag sets out to search for the more sinister corners of mother-daughter relationships and how to deal with one’s own political responsibilities. What will we say when our children ask: And what did you do back then? Based on the book by Marianna Salzmann: Rahel, who is looking for her sexual identity; her grandmother, who survived a concentration camp and is a staunch communist; and Rahel’s mother, who cannot even begin to deal with the Judaism and failed communist experiment of her mother.


Best off -Nestroy award 2018


Location: Drau Stage

Date/Time: Thursday 4 July, 21:00

More Information: &


Performance in German.



  • GRIT


A performance about training, being radically free, and powering through.


A will, a goal, a way. No compromises. Pushing to the absolute limit. Challenges. Successes. Setbacks. Pressing on. Breaking barriers. Powering through. What does one have to give up, what does one win? What is one striving for? Perfection, strength, knowledge, beauty, endurance, discipline, community? And at what point does one go above and beyond? The performance is based on those “extremists,” who have committed themselves completely to a cause. Those who practice and want to improve their dedication, unusual ambition, special abilities, a clear goal.


Stella Theater Prize 2017


Location: Drau Stage

Date/Time: Saturday 6 July, 21 Uhr

More Information:


Performance in German.

If it’s rainy there will be excerpts of plays  on the Drau boat

Spectrum-Hotline: +43 664 4644297




On the days in between the performances the Spectrum offers space for personal experiences. Two workshops offer the opportunity to perform yourself, or to experience more about the performances or yourself.

Participation is free (limited places).  You do not need special skills for the workshops. Open for amateurs and  professionals.

Workshops are in English and German.


Place               Drau terraces. Feel free to come directly or register: 04242 287164.


Monday July 1st               … with the KimchiBrot Connection


Playing. Dancing. Sweating. Creating.

In this two-hour workshop the Physical Theater Company KimchiBrot Connection from Cologne will introduce their modus operandi and aesthetics. Following a playful warm-up, participants will learn to create physical expressions or their personal stories and pictures and enter into dialogue about these abstract, highly-skilled, subtle or fancier styles.


Monday 01.07, 17:00

Led by Elisabeth Hoffmann (KimchiBrot Connection)

Please wear/bring comfortable clothing! Meetingpoint is at the stage.


Wednesday July 3th  and 5th     

                                               …  designed to go along with

                                                     MOTHER-TONGUE MAMELSCHN  PERFORMANCE


Makemakeproduction// WORKSHOP

The Viennese Theaterkollectiv makemake production shares their modus operandi in a three-hour workshop.

We will try out different approaches to language, text, and movement based on selected texts and choreographic images from the Mother-Tongue Mamelschn production. Through our own interpretations, we will recreate scenes together in a new context. The workshop is divided into two parts, but it is also possible just to attend one session.


Wednesday 03.07, 17:00 Part I

Friday 05.07, 11:00 Part II


With Martina Rössler (Dance/Choreography) and Michèle Rohrbach (Drama/Acting)


Team Festival

Artistic Directors: Katrin Ackerl Konstantin & Erik Jan Rippmann

Managing Director: Michael Weger

Dramatic advisor: Martin Dueller

Artistic Execution: Gerald Samonig, Herbert Salzer

Construction: Bernhard Krieber

Festival Office: Waltraud Hintermann & Clemens Luderer